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My name is Jim Lomonaco, but everyone calls me Lomo. I am a singer and songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and loves original music.

I got my start as a bassist on a variety of recordings and in bands, most notable are Yolk and Honker. I am currently the bassist in Caviar & Grits.

Now, I am finding my voice as a writer, singer and producer; trying to push my creative limits. As I am on my musical journey, I hope our souls make a connection. I have songs about ideas like

  • Travel and Exploration
  • Self Improvement
  • Relationships
  • Social Commentary

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Liquid Symphony

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I’ve been making music since the late 80’s as a bassist. Now I am finding my voice as a writer, singer, acoustic guitarist, and producer.



Barleycorn show poster

Transmission #8 - C&G Release & Solo Shows

Jim Lomonaco Mar 18, 2024 News

Hey! Remember me? It’s been a minute, here’s the latest in my world...

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Liquid Symphony original cover artwork

Transmission #7 - Debut Solo Album

Jim Lomonaco Aug 8, 2023 News

This work is my offering to God! I’ve never put in as much effort and time on a project - and I’ve never been so satisfied with the results...

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Gremlin the cast in front of my bass case

Transmission #6 - Gremlin Missing, Honker Hiatus

Jim Lomonaco Jun 27, 2023 News

It’s been since September last year that I sent anything. My cat went missing right after the last transmission. Gremlin was gone about 10 days and it changed me...

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