Jim Lomonaco

Liquid Symphony

Produced by Jim Lomonaco

Rock, Alternative. Released 7/27/2023

Album cover art for Liquid Symphony

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Cast & Crew


Jim Lomonaco
Vocals and bass on all songs. Guitar, Keyboards, and sound effects on all songs except the following...
Steve Bailey
Guitar Solo on "I Gotta Move"
Nate Calzetoni
Guitar on "Shadow People"
Michaela Clark
Background Vocal on "After The Rain"
Jeff Howard
Drums on all except "I Gotta Move"
Mike Jusino
Guitar on "Let’s Go On An Adventure" and "Forgetting You"
Mike Paffie
Keyboards on "Roll On Down, Down" and "Shadow People"
Todd Russell
Drums on "I Gotta Move"


Jim Lomonaco
Producer. Writer. Arranger. Recording engineer. Editor. Mixing engineer. Package design. With help from...
Jeff Dabella
Mixing engineer for "After The Rain". Recording engineer for all lead vocals
Mike Davis
Recording engineer for all Jeff Howard drum tracks
Brad Smalling
Mastering for all tracks - streaming, CD and LP at Evergroove Studio
Aleksandr Slobodianyk
Cover photo [on original edition print CD cover, not the updated illustrated cover] by Aleksandr Slobodianyk: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-water-drop-989959/

Mentoring, Focus Grouping, Inspiration

Jeff Dabella
Priceless mentoring and guidance throughout the project
Tyson Alston
Focus group, fresh set of ears, listening
Michaela Clark
Hours of listening and feedback on all songs
Joe Kollar
Helpful critique and ideas
Jeff Pettit
Mentoring. Detailed analysis and feedback
Jeremy Stevens
Writing buddy, motivator. Co-host of Acoustic Tuesday [where all these songs debuted]


Thanks to the people above who are directly involved in this production.

Thanks to all the people in my life - family, friends, teachers, mentors - who provide support, inspiration and love.

Album Tracks

1. Let’s Go On An Adventure

2. I Gotta Move

3. Roll On Down, Down

4. Stay Here With Me

5. Liquid Symphony

6. Enjoy Today

7. Forgetting You

8. Rise, Rise, Rise

9. Shadow People

10. Mad Dog Joe

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